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Genuine Channels is an essential toolkit for every .Net Remoting developer
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Genrix Software, Inc.

Genuine Channels is an essential toolkit for every .Net Remoting developer.
It helps you to build successful commercial client-server solutions. Compared to Microsoft .NET Remoting with native channels, Genuine Channels provides significant benefits such as: Accessibility for clients behind NAT, firewall, and proxy; Guaranteed call timeout; Conditions for stable communication; Reliable system of channel and network events; Better options while hosting at ISP; Compression, encryption, and SSPI support; Broadcast Engine which greatly simplifies event development;
IP Multicasting support.
For Team Managers and Software Architects, Genuine Channels can serve as a reliable middleware framework combining the performance of socket-based solutions, the convenience of .Net Remoting, and the reach functionality of Web Services.
For Developer, Genuine Channels is a comprehensive toolset which noticeably simplifies and accelerates the development of robust .Net Remoting applications.
For Students and Beginner, Genuine Channels provides an easy-to-use guide for designing, developing, debugging, and deploying distributed software.

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